About AgrikAce

AgrikAce is an ecommerce platform for agro products and services. Our aim is to digitise the sale of agro products and services by providing an enabling platform for both sellers and buyers. We will achieve this objective by ensuring that the only products and services of the highest quality are offered on this platform.


AgrikAce is Africa’s #1 online marketplace for agricultural products and services, agricultural Jobs, agricultural news, agricultural trainings/consultations, agribusiness tips, agricultural funding opportunities and many more. We help to promote agricultural products and services through various online and offline platforms. AgrikAce serves as a connecting link for stakeholders (investors, farmers, consumers and agro-allied producers) in agriculture with the view of realising the economic potential in Africa;s agricultural sector. As one of Africa’s leading and pioneer of marketing and promotion firm, we passionately promote your agricultural products and other related services by introducing you to customers beyond your reach. Our services are specifically designed to meet up with your business needs as we provide you with the most affordable and reliable means of promoting your agricultural products and services.

We serve as a connecting link between farmers/producers and their final consumers/agro allied firms by creating a platform through which farmers can share information about their ever available products or services and consumers can access it from the comfort of their house with just a single click.

AgrikAce is helping to address the challenge faced by majority of farmers in finding the market for their readily available products on one hand and making it convenient for consumers to get their desired agricultural products on the other hand. We seek to reform the existing marketing system by re-designing the market structure, ushering transparency, leveraging technology in operations, encouraging private participation along with regulated market so that the seller has a real choice. We collect the sales consideration from the buyers and remit it to the same bank account of the seller which would put an end to payment issues of information asymmetry by encouraging analysis of the commodity and displaying quality parameters of the commodity to benefit buyers.

We are also set to change the people perception as it relates to agriculture by exposing them to business opportunities in this sector of the economy and providing assistance in the areas of project management, business development and human resources/recruitment. We are also keen on making information in every area of agribusiness available to those who are in need of it.

Our Primary Mission, Vision & Core Value

AgrikAce is the first of its kind and one of the pioneer of online agricultural marketplace in Africa which offers farmers the platform to showcase their produce to their potential buyers across the continent.


To bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by creating a platform for farmers to get across to their consumers. We are also set to link the newbies in the industry to the expert in the field for them to access ideas from well experienced individuals or organizations who will guide them to success in this sector of the economy.

Self Improvement

As an organization we are set to be a renowned positive impact maker, who as a seasoned professional uses learnings, inherent skills and capabilities to consistently deliver results, break records and improved agro allied and agricultural industry in a sustainable way. We do encourage every member of our team and aspiring member to attain their maximum potential. AgrikAce team are always charged to keep on improving themselves by obtaining relevant professional qualification that will improved their intellectual horizon and invariably improved their competence on the job.


We shall ensure that all customer interactions are done with the highest level of professionalism.

Team Work

We promote team work and inclusive culture. We believe that to create a dynamic and high performing team, we need people with diverse skill set and educational background.

Customer/Client Satisfaction

We believe that our clients deserve the best of experience; we will always endeavor to keep our clients satisfied by ensuring that top notch service is delivered to them at all point of interaction.

Employee's Welfare

We understand clearly that human resources is an integral part of the organization as regard delivering of effective and efficient service to our clients and as a means of keeping with competition in the industry, so at AgrikAce we ensure that welfare of our staff is adequately taken care of


  • Quality Service
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Employee Involvement


To be the foremost service provider in the African agricultural sector.



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Public Relation

Direct Marketing

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Meet the Team

Akomolafe Oluwasegun Joseph

Akomolafe Oluwasegun Joseph

CEO and Co-Founder

AKOMOLAFE Oluwasegun Joseph is the CEO and Co-Founder of AgrikAce. He studied Agriculture with specialisation in Crop Production and Protection from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria.
He has undergone series of training in Project Management, Human resource Management, Operations Management, Health, Safety and Environment Training, Leadership Management, Business Communication and Etiquette among others.

His years of working experience span across various industries such as government agricultural establishment, private agribusiness consulting, human resource consulting, real estate, broadcasting media, architecture and construction and Power and Logistics.

Oluwasegun is passionate about Agricultural technology, Food technology and how technology will revolutionize and change the future of agricultural and food production for farmers and agro retailers.

He believes that the solution to the development for emerging nations lies in their ability to raise sufficient and highly developed human capacity. With this, the man power will be made up of those who understand the nitty-gritty of the problems and can provide practicable solutions to them within the confined country’s financial strength.

His desire to see Nigeria and Africa as a whole attaining its potential and start pulling its weight in the global drive for improved agricultural productivity has created the urge in him to be involved in agricultural sector. Particularly, with regards to the problem of low agricultural productivity and food insecurity which is prevalent in the developing countries.

Adeboye Tolulope Ibukun

Adeboye Tolulope Ibukun

Head of Special Projects and Co-Founder

ADEBOYE Tolulope Ibukun is the Head of Special Projects and Co-Founder of AgrikAce, he studied Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria and He currently studying Masters in Sustainable Agriculture at University of Göttingen, Germany.

His years of working experience cut across industries such as private agricultural farm, real estate, Bureau De Change and Microfinance Bank

He became aware that despite the fact that Nigeria is blessed with great academicians, technocrats and intelligent policy makers that have made several positive significant impacts on the nation resources management, the country is faced with continuous increase in poverty level, urban-rural development disparity and food insecurity.

Tolulope realized there is still much to be done concerning Nigeria natural resources management. With these observations about his environment, he developed the passion to apply his knowledge and professional skills in solving the problem of poverty, food insecurity and income/wealth distribution in Nigeria.